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LOWER PRICE @ NAME BRAND QUALITY !  Our print media lines are Made In Taiwan by a professional name brand OEM manufacturer. KMP Media currently offering Solvent Printing Media, Cold Laminating Film, Deco Window Film and Printable Flexible Magnetic Sheeting in our Markham, Ontario Canada warehouse.

Solvent Printing Media

Outstanding, stable printability performance with excellent print definition. Widely compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, Latex and UV inks. Suitable for architectural graphics, interior design, advertising, promotion, signage, vehicle signage, transportation and automobile wrapping use.

Item# Description Length x Width
SOL-ESAVS08MAT Matte PVC w/Permanent Adh Clear 164′ x 54”

w/Permanent Adh Clear

164′ x 54”
SOL-ESAVS08MATG Matte PVC w/Permanent Adh Gray 164′ x 54”
SOL-ESAVS08MATGR Matte PVC w/Removable Adh Gray 164′ x 54”
SOL-ESAVS07GLCR Gloss PVC w/Removable CLR Adh 164′ x 54”

Cold Laminating Vinyl

Laminate to protect digitally printed images or any photos by providing protection against UV radiation damage, humidity, scratches, and abrasion. To protect the ink and increase durability and have the print more vibrant. The protective cold lamination films are designed to protect digitally printed images or any documents, photos by providing protection from UV radiation damage, scratches, and abrasion.


Item# Description Length x Width
OVL-12CP036TULGL ULTRA Clear Gloss Overlam w/PET liner 150′ x 54”
OVL-03CP081SAT Satin Overlam 150′ x 51”
OVL-02CP081GL Gloss Clear Overlam 150′ x 54”

Deco Window Film

Sandblast films emulate the look of sandblasted glass but are easier to maintain and are far less expensive. Sandblast window films have the look and feel of frosted glass and can be custom cut to almost any pattern and applied on-site at a significantly lower cost. Also, an old design or logo can be easily removed and replaced with a new one as often as you wish.


Item# Description Length x Width
SOL-GLDECR117SB Frosted/SandBlast Vinyl 164′ x 48”

Magnets/Magnetic Products

We have large selections of flexible magnetic sheets, rare earth neodymium magnets. Please visit our other website for more information.

  • Flexible Magnetic Sheet
  • Neodymium Magnet
  • Alnico & SmCo Magnet
  • Ceramic Magnet